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PIOS ENGINEERING is acting in the sector as a leading company with his highly qualified and experienced team. Pios is applying real engineering in manufacturing and service..

With its young and dynamic staff, it is always innovator and always sensitive about quality. They focus on the demands of the client, after sale service success, low cost maintenance, ergonomic usage of the equipment on their designs. This is why Client Satisfaction is the first and important issue for PIOS.


PIOS Engineering manufactures different type of upper structure equipment as following:


Construction Equipments: Dump Trucks, Cement Trucks, Mixer Trucks, Mixer Trailers


Environmental Protection and Cleaning Equipments: Garbage Trucks, Water Tankers, Road Sweepers


Sewage Equipments: Combination Trucks for Cleaning Drainage, Vacuum trucks, Water Jetting trucks, Mobile Water Jetting Equipment


Mobile Service Trucks: Mobile Lubrication trucks, Mobile Repair Trucks


Fire Fighting Equipments: Fire Lands and Landing Fire Rails


Road Maintenance Equipments: Snow cleaning Trucks, Salt Spreading Trucks


Pios’s goal is to be the leader in the truck mounted equipment industry by its product quality, by its client satisfaction and by its after sale service quality.


To become a respectful company in the world, who has creating ability, who uses the technology effectively, by increasing our manufacturing and engineering abilities, ew  


PİOS wants to be a partner;

• Who cares about the requests, needs and expectations of the client
• Who protects the rights of the client during the sale and after sale
• Who is sensitive and tracing the new innovations in the sector
• Who knows the sector deeply,
• Who is trustable,
• Who can compete against other manufacturers in the world