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- TANK CAPACITY                                       : Max. 20.000 Lt.

- TANK MATERIAL                                      : Carbon Steel ( s235jr-s355j2)-Stainless Steel (AISI 304/316 L )

- TANK LIFTING SYSTEM                          : Up to Min. 30º with a hydraulic cylinder mounted to the front side of the tank. This system will allow you to easily drain the tank

- REAR LID MECHANISM                           : By an upside hinge, vertically opening type with 2 units hydraulic cylinders (Min. 70º) with special sealing gasket.

- REAR LID LOCKING MECHANISM         : Hydraulic Driven Rear Lid Locking Mechanism with 4 units clamping shoes.

- SPLIT SHAFT P.T.O.                                 : It is the mechanism that, The rear axle with the front axle engaged in the process of separation and transfers the vehicle’s power to the Pumps without yield loss.

- VACUUM PUMP                                         : Max. 12500 m³/hr

- SUCTION VALVE                                       : 4” (DN 100) Manuel/Pneumatic Driven

- DISCHARGE VALVE                                  : 6” (DN 150) Pneumatic Driven

- SECURITY SYSTEMS                                :

              - Water-Gauge Systems ; When the waste water tank is full, the ball which manufactured from special rubber material close the suction line and prevent to vacuum pump from waste water.

              - Voiced and Illuminated Warning Sytems ; When the waste water tank is full elektronic sensors engage and than buzzer blare and warning lamps illuminates. The Pump automatically stop.

              - Level Indicators          ; Level indicators are used to watch to water level of waste water area. They are manufactured from acrylic material.

- HOSE BOXES                                             : Both sides of the tank, covered and lockable type.

- DISCHARGING SPILLWAY                     : Made of Al. Or Stainless Steel Material and it is used to protect to vehicle’s bumper from waste water.


- ACCESSORIES                             :

              - Auxiliary Suction Hoses with couplings (cut of size and in desire quantity)

              - Waste Water Discharge Hose wit Couplings (cut of size)

              - Projektor

              - Venturi pipe ( cut of size )

              - Rotating Lamp


- OPTIONS                                     :

              - Digital Screen System for see the error codes

              - Coachwork Covering

              - Soundproof System

              - High Tipping System ( Max 45º)

              - Anti-Smell Filter System

              - Remote Control ( Origin Germany )

              - 500 Kg Capacity, Hydraulic or Electrical Driven Crane

              - Automatic Greasing System

              - Portable Projector with 15 Mt. Cable.

              - Hand Washing Tank with Soap Dish.

              - Internal Washing System